Friday, March 4, 2011

Makeup Shopping!

Hey Loveys, soo today I went makeup shopping. I woke up early 'cos I got an email saying Urban Decay Naked Palette is back. I jumped out of bed as fast as I can then take a shower, put my makeup on and off to the mall. I wanted to check Sephora if they have it but when I got there 'twas still out of stock. The plan was to get the Urban Decay Naked Palette and Benefit "Hello Flawless" face powder (I lovelovelove this powder), a lipstick, and an eyeshadow palette from MAC but I guess being an obsess shopaholic I ended up getting alot than what I needed.
Here's what I got:

♥ Nars Blush in LOVEJOY
- Shimmery Bronzed Rose. I'm starting to love NARS blush-ons now! They are all sooo pretty.

 ♥ Benefit The Porefessional Pore Primer
- I don't have any plan buying this but when I went to Benefit section and the lady said that this is a good primer then she put it on my skin, oh boy, without any second thoughts at all I grabbed one! LOL! That's how easy I am when it comes to shopping! I totally LOVELOVELOVE this primer. It feels soo smooth when you put it on. It gives you a baby skin-like feeling. This is definitely a MUST Ladies!

♥ Benefit Hello Flawless
- been using this face powder for months now. I love this face powder. It makes my skin soo flawless as it says on the name . LOL! Seriously, it does! I love how it gives good coverage even with just one pat on. Just like it says on the box, it totally covers up boo-boos and blends evenly.

♥ Hello Kitty Perfume
- I bought this one for my sister, Annie. I saw her holding this one and since I'm a very sweet sister LOL! I bought it for her. And she's sooo happy after getting it. Besides it's additional points for my Sephora Beauty Insider card. Do you lovelies have the Sephora card? If you don't, what are you waiting for GO GET ONE!

♥ MAC Wonder Woman lipstick in SPITFIRE
- I was looking for Show Orchid because I wanted a bright fuschia pink lipstick and the lady told me they don't have it. So she suggested the Spitfire in Wonder Woman collection and I soooppperr Doooper LOVELOVELOVE it! I should've get the other ones from this collection but I didn't. UGH! What was I thinkin'? Walking away from MAC without getting all the beauties inside!! Next time, I won't let it slide! LOL!

♥ MAC Eyeshadow Palette
- the highlight of my Makeup Shopping! SPEECHLESS! LOL!

I purchased the Urban Decay Naked Palette online soo two thumbs up for me. LOL! I really really love shopping! It's my Stress Reliever! What did you get for your makeup shopping? Wanna share?


Miss ♥ Nikka said...

Great haul! I want that HK perfume! Too cute!

PS. Thanks for following my blog. New follower to yours too! :)

Julia Harris said...

This was really useful to me! Thanks!!! Please follow my blog!

iLoveMoo said...

Thanks Miss Nikka! Ikr, its wayy too cute. LOL! kisses!

Julia: Thanks hun. kisses!

PopBlush said...

Omg, another post of yours that is making me day dream.. I want all of those haha!

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