Tuesday, March 8, 2011

I got my hair done!

Hi Lovelies! Yesterday morning I was having a bad day. Soo I decided to go to the salon and get my hair done. I've been planning to go there since last week cos all the roots of my hair are already black. Yup, I have black hair but I've been blonde for like two years now. I'm not the type who would go for everybody's look. If you go black, I'll go blonde. That's how I am. Finally, I got it done. 

From this

One thing I hate being blonde is that everytime the roots grow it looks kinda ugly and make my hair looks dry. 

To This

This is edited cos I forgot not to save it as I was trying new effects for pictures, but yea it replaced the original one.. sad! ):


Not edited! 

Mirror Shot. 

So there you go Loveys! Don't you like being a girl? Experimenting with diff'rent looks is funfunfun! I love Salon Days especially at times when I really needed the boost. How do I look? Lemme know. 


H Rija said...

looking hot and love the hair!

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iLoveMoo said...

thanks hun! ♥

kaizokumousy said...

very nice hair color ^^

iLoveMoo said...

Thanks hun! (:

beauThi said...

wow! u look very amazing and nice make up *-*



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